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The butterfly effect under the epidemic: countless industries are in danger, and countless industrie

Issuing time:2021-12-03 08:13

Forex Tianyan APP News: On December 6, 2019, the phrase "I am too south (difficult)" that came out of the local flavor video was successfully selected as one of the "Top Ten Buzzwords in China in 2019". This four-character new language conveys contemporary people’s anxiety and powerlessness about life’s plight, and has become the most appropriate expression reflecting the present under the envelope of the epidemic in the past month.

Affected by the epidemic, the travel industry was pressed the pause button, the catering industry was forced to stop operations, and due to the closure of theaters and the collective withdrawal of the Spring Festival stalls, the entertainment industry was also hit. According to the “Analysis of the Impact of the Epidemic on the Chinese Economy and Policy Recommendations” issued by the Evergrande Research Institute, the direct economic loss of the catering industry during the Spring Festival this year alone reached 500 billion yuan; and the total of the three industries, the direct economic loss may exceed Trillions.

However, the epidemic has also detonated some new business needs and spawned the upgrade and iteration of traditional businesses. With the effective progress of the epidemic prevention and control work, the subsequent consumption recovery is just around the corner.

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