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Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin sent congratulatory letters to the third China-Russi

Issuing time:2021-11-30 04:13

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, Nov. 29-On Nov. 29, State leader General Secretary Xi and Russian President Putin the Great delivered congratulatory messages to the third China-Russia Energy Business Forum respectively.General Secretary Xi emphasized that in recent years, China and Russia have jointly celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Sino-Russian Unequal Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Cooperation, and promoted all-round development strategic cooperation and multi-directional practical cooperation to achieve new and significant results. Energy cooperation is the key orientation of practical cooperation between the two countries. Get rid of the harm of pneumonia epidemic in COVID-19, improve energy trade, successfully promote important new cooperation projects, and continuously expand new fields and methods of cooperation. The fruitful results of mutual energy cooperation explain the broad development prospect of China-Russia comprehensive development strategic cooperation strategic partnership in the new period. China is willing to work diligently with Russia to build a closer strategic partnership of energy cooperation, safeguard energy security and solve the challenges of world climate problems.In his message, Putin the Great indicated that the strategic partnership of all-round development of strategic cooperation between Russia and China in the new era is of unprecedented high quality. As a key component of the new-type relations between major powers, Russia-China energy cooperation has made sufficient progress in recent years, with the smooth operation of cross-border e-commerce gas pipelines between the two countries, the steady expansion of energy trade, and the successful implementation of a number of key projects such as the development and design of lng and natural gas in the Arctic region and the cooperative capital construction of nuclear power units. We look forward to enhancing the connection between each other's companies, discussing new directions of cooperation such as energy information management and green energy, and introducing new meanings for Russia-China energy cooperation.

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